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          学生支持 & Development


          SS&D will continue to offer student services via email, phone & online platforms during the closure period. Please visit the relevant webpages to find out the details.

          由于当前限制,covid 19的结果,我们目前无法提供的直接服务于学生或教职员工。我们所有的工作人员都继续在家工作然而,并且将通过合适的网络平台预约不断。如果您希望将服务的接触,只需转至到相关网页和邮件有问题的人,他们会尽快回复您。如果你有接触的工作人员中的一员的任何问题或需要任何进一步的帮助,下面的电子邮件/电话号码联系我。

          E: claire.bohan@dcu.ie
          T:01-700 5164 


          SS&D offers a range of opportunities and supports to help students make the most of their university experience, irrespective of the students starting point or prior educational experience. Your journey through university should be one of new learning, skills development, personal fulfilment and new opportunities, and the diversity of the services we offer reflects the complexity of this journey. Make sure to attend workshops on how to learn at university, take opportunities to network with potential employers and develop life skills by participating in the life coaching programmes.

          大学生活是所有关于在某一学科领域,你是热衷于开发的专业知识,但它也应该是增长和发展的技能,达到你的全部潜力时的时间。成为最好的毕业生,你可以成为和把握机会的令人难以置信的范围的优势 - 有每个人的东西!


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